Affordable Dentures in Saint Clair Shores

dental servicesPain and discomfort of your teeth can be a miserable experience, your left with a lot of uncertainty and treatment anxiety. If so, you'll remember how scary it was to find out! Your teeth are a defining part of your appearance; every time you smile, the world sees them. So when you hear that you have to dental restoration or enhanced procedures, it might sound like you're being told you can't smile anymore!

General and Cosmetic Dentistry Services To Keep Your Smile Looking Amazing At Every Age

Fortunately, severe dental damage no longer means you have to live with an embarassing smile. Thanks to dentures, implants, and root canal treatments, it's possible to restore or replace damaged teeth without a trace. Pleasant Dental has an office near Saint Clair Shores and offers these restorative treatments to patients across the Metro Detroit area. From our office in Clinton Township, we give Michiganders a chance to smile beautifully no matter what tooth problems they've had.

Root Canal Restoration from Pleasant Dental

dental servicesWhen you're dealing with a severely decayed or infected tooth, you need to get rid of the problem quickly. Otherwise, it'll spread to other teeth in the area and affect your entire mouth! But that doesn't mean you have to take the tooth out. With a root canal from Pleasant Dental, you can eliminate the problem while preserving the tooth's full form and function.

In a root canal treatment, we go into the tooth, scrape out all the living tissue, clean the interior, and seal the tooth up. This stops decay in its tracks while making your tooth look and act just like it did before the problem started. As a result, you can keep chewing and smiling just like you did before, all without worrying about further dental damage.

Dentures & Dental Implants

While root canals can stop many forms of decay and infection, they can't deal with all of them, and they're no use for teeth that get knocked out. When you have no choice but to replace a tooth, Pleasant Dental offers quality prosthetics, including:

  • Dentures - Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth, which you can use to fill any areas of your mouth that are missing original teeth. They have the benefit of being highly flexible and relatively affordable. Pleasant Dental relies on soft dentures, which can more easily match the shape of your gums, giving you as much comfort as possible.
  • Dental Implants - Whereas dentures are temporary and removable, implants are fixed to your jaw. We install these metal posts directly in your jaw bone and then attach a crown to the top that matches the appearance and strength of a tooth. Implants are more expensive than dentures, but they look and feel more natural, and they're better for long-term oral health.

To learn more about prosthetics, root canals, and other dental options in Southeast Michigan, contact Pleasant Dental today.